Snappy Introduction
Development Path
Brand History

2003.05 ——


Founded in 2003,developed and produced high frequency transformers and coils.

2009.12 ——

Peak of Turnover

Peak of Turnover

10 Million USD.

2010.10 ——

Rebirth of the eagle

Snappy started upgrade and transition, held up the shareholders meeting, like the rebirth of the eagle.--Great changes

2011.10 ——

The first group of slim products were launched into the markets.

Global certificates applied and slim LED drivers started to enter furniture lighting field. They greatly optimized the lightings design and warmly welcomed by global customers. Light, slim and exquisite are our unique features at that time!

2014.12 ——

Wider ranges of products

Based on great success of slim drivers and standard drivers and extremely high comments to our quality, Snappy started to enter outdoor waterproof LED drivers development.

2015.12 ——

Neeq listed

We were successfully listed on Dec 7th, 2015 in Beijing Stock market.

Stock code:834662

This will be greatly helpful on company’s evaluation, expanding financial channels and future development . 

2016.05 ——


Established in Jiangxi province, which makes great foundation to Snappy’s future leaping development.

2017.07 ——

IPO guidance

To Ningbo securities regulatory bureau filed for IPO listing guidance and plans to go public on the gem in 2019.

2018.08 ——

Land and factory buildings

Purchased 15 acres of land for the new factory,

5 acres for Snappy, and 10 acres for Yongning, strengthened factory facilities to the company's development.