As a dedicated manufacturer of standard power supplies, SNAPPY provides a wide variety of power supplies to meet different demands from the markets. However, selecting the right products relies heavily on the correct electrical characteristics and specification, we listed the frequently asked questions for your reference.

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LED power supply

Q1 What is PF and PFC?
Q2 What is OCP or OLP?
Q3 What is inrush current?

A1: Power Factor(PF) is a physical parameter,which present the ratio of apparent power to real power. Power Factor Correction(PFC)is(are) a way or some circuits to improve the PF. The calculation formulas areas follows: Apparent Power=Input Voltage x Input Current (VA), Real Power=Input Voltage x Input Current x Power Factor (W).


For real usage of power supplier is the Realpower, which will delivery almost all to the luminaire connected on the power supplier. Assuming the power factor is 0.5, the power plant needs to produce more than 2WVA to satisfy 1W real power usage. On the contrary, if the power factor is 0.95, the power plant only needs to generate more than 1.06VA to provide 1W real power, It will be more effective in energy saving with PFC function.